Top 100 European Office Furniture Manufactures

The Top 100 report has been updated with new data . In total 24 companies have provided new information. In the top 10 there are some small changes with Kinnarps remaining in the number one position, but with sales dropping by 6%. Nowy Styl move from 4th position to 3rd with sales increasing by 4% and replace Ahrend Group who dropping one position. Sedus have posted sales up by 4.6%.


Regional Report

This reviews the Top 100 Companies by their region and included data on profit and number of employees. Since January 2016 there has been a slow but continuing improvement in pre-tax profits, from €120m to €200m, a growth of 67%. This still only represents combined profit on sales of 2.3%. The UK and Ireland is still the most profitable region at 8.6%.

Employment is slightly down from 48,930 to 48,720.


Report Availability

Full details of the Top 100 Companies report, regional report and the Eurostat “EU by country analysis” are available to FEMB members and to others, on “subscription,” providing regular updates and industry news. Contact Secretary General – Colin Watson at


All reports are available free of charge to FEMB members through their national Associations, or on request to with Top 100 in the subject line.

For a non-member, it is possible to apply for a Top 100 Subscription which will automatically provide the updates four times a year, and other useful economic data. Charges will apply. Please contact for more information. Please note that providing the reports to non-members of the Federation on subscription, will be at the discretion of the FEMB board.

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