Top 100 Companies 2017 Update

The first update of the Top 100 Office Furniture manufacturers in 2017 is now available. It has been updated to 31 January 2017 and shows some small changes in the top 10 companies. With an increase in sales of €10m by Royal Ahrend they have moved into third place, just marginally ahead of Nowy Styl Group. French company Majencia have dropped out of the top 10 to 18th position to be replace in 10th place by Lienhard Office Group.

In total, the records of 12 companies have been updated with new data. The Top 10 are shown below.

Company Web Site Sales €m Market Share
1 Kinnarps Holding AB SE 422.20 4.99%
2 Steelcase SA US 368.47 4.36%
3 Royal Ahrend NL 279.58 3.30%
4 Nowy Styl Group PL 274.50 3.30%
5 USM Holding AG CH 186.37 2.20%
TOP 5 1,531.12 18.20%
6 Haworth Europe US 184.46 2.20%
7 Sedus Stoll Aktiengesellschaft DE 172.57 2.00%
8 Vitra Holding AG CH 172.13 2.00%
9 König + Neurath AG DE 161.13 1.90%
10 Lienhard Office Group AG (Lista; InterOffice;Denz) CH 140.86 1.70%
TOP 10 2,362.26 28.10%

The Market in Europe – FEMB Data.

The FEMB represents the interests of 90% or €7.5bn of the Office Furniture industry in Europe, and have member Associations in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the UK.

The 27 countries in the EU have a combined production of over 79 million units of office furniture with a value of over €8.2bn of which €1.2bn is exported outside the EU.  So, a substantial industry which is seeing growth in many of the regions.

This information is taken from the Eurostat data and analysed by the FEMB. The figures are from 2015 which are the latest available. It is likely that with the growth reported by FEMB members during 2016 these figures will be higher but that data will not be confirmed until October this year. Total production in the EU in 2015  grew by 11%.

Full details of the Top 100 Companies report and the EurostatEU by country analysis” are available to FEMB members and to others, on “subscription,” providing regular updates and industry news. Contact Secretary General – Colin Watson at


Both reports are available to FEMB members only by request and providing your full business details including contact details and e-mailing your request with Top 100 in the subject line.

For a non-member, it is possible to apply for a Top 100 Subscription which will automatically provide the updates four times a year. Charges will apply. Please contact for more information. Please note that providing the reports to non-members of the Federation will be at the discretion of the FEMB board.

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