Planning office spaces online

Mass customization has been a big issue in recent years. Levi Strauss was the first to introduce this concept at the beginning of the 90s. Customers were measured in the stores, the data transferred to the factory, the jeans cut electronically and mailed to the customer. The hardware manufacturer Dell offered its clients the possibility to customize the PC online. Car manufactures or sport equipment manufactures followed suit. The customized products are mostly based on an underlying platform which is used for all these products. The visible parts can be adapted thanks to modern technology according to individual wishes.

The office furniture sector follows and offers clients the option to plan office spaces online. The German office furniture federation (iba) published on its website such a planning tool.

Source: IBA |

With the help of such user-friendly tools, customers can think in advance of how their office should look like and inform themselves about various options before heading to their office furniture dealer. The tool can be tested on the IBA-website . The site and the planning tool are designed in English language.


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