Interview with Peter Veer, chairman of the Dutch VIP

Mr Veer, thanks a lot for taking your time to answer some questions for us. You are chairman of the Dutch federation VSM, which is also part of the FEMB. In your view, what does FEMB stand for?

 FEMB is the organization for producers of office furniture and office interior products. The aim for the organization is to promote and facilitate enhanced wellbeing of office workers through well designed and furnished working environments. Further more, we are a knowledge platform and we stimulate international co-operation between companies in the FEMB.

Your federation changed its name from VSM Branch Union to VIP Branch Union. What else changed apart from the name?

We were a very small local Dutch group of producing companies and we came to the conclusion that, due to changes in the market place, our set up had lost its reason for existence. In order to attract more members we decided to offer memberships to dealers, suppliers, importers and foreign manufacturers with sales activities in the Netherlands. The aim is to share knowledge, to offer a platform for speakers, sales or new market initiatives and, in general, any one with a good idea can share this in the community.

What do you mean by “platform”?

With platform we want to emphasize that it is not the chairman or other members of the VIP-board that take the initiative but that every member is free to do so.

How do you make sure that every member feels represented and feels that there is something in for him?

There are board elections every 3 years for which anybody can apply. We are in constant contact, personally and through mail or Linkedin, with a good part of the members and we do meet each others at several venues throughout the year.

Who can become a member? Does it necessarily have to be a company or an organization?

Basically all companies and persons that have commercial activities in the field of office furniture: producers, national or foreign, with sales activities in the Netherlands, dealers, importers, agents, suppliers (like table tops, accessories, light etc) and influencers. We also invite people from the industry press to our meetings.

What do you think about the much discussed issue of how we will work in the future?

I am a firm believer in the future of the office but it will become, more and more, a place for creativity and exchanging of ideas. The office as the place to process data will become a thing from the past more rapidly than we think. This means great changes in the way we furnish offices. Having said that, these are also great opportunities for those that understand that facilitating these new office environments and the people that work in them. They can have a very profitable future!


André Hund
FEMB Marketing Committee

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