FEMB at Workspace Dubai


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The FEMB sponsored the Design Talks at the Workspace Exhibition in Dubai. This was part of the Index series and was aimed directly at the Office Furniture sector in the Middle East.


Guest speakers were President Julian Roebuck who reviewed the work of the FEMB and the drivers for European office market. Trend Specialist Birgit Gebhardt looked at the future office in 25 years’ time with information from “new Work Order” – the rise of a new Working culture.. the future was also the inspiration for Dr Sascha Peters who explored “Smart office materials” and how these smart materials could be applied in the workplace. The final presentation from Secretary General Colin Watson compared innovations shown at Orgatec in 1994 with the latest trends that drive office design.



President Julian Roebuck delivering his address on the activities of the FEMB


When you look 25 years into the future office it can be a very revealing insight. Birgit Gebhardt explored how technology and the human species would interact.


colin 3

Secretary General Colin Watson looked back 20 years to compare what was on show at Orgatec in 1994 and then explored the most recent trends from a survey “New Work Order” from the BSO.


Dr Sascha Peters gave a fascinating presentation on new and future materials. Desks grown from Mushroom! now that’s quite a thought.





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