FEMB Top 100 European Manufacturers latest report

The FEMB report on the Top 100 European Office Furniture Manufactures has been updated with the latest data received at 31 July 2018.

The full report is available free of charge to FEMB members and via a subscription by any interested party. For the details of the subscription please contact the Secretary General at secretary@femb.org

The information in the report has been derived from a number of sources, including where available, officially filed financial statements, commercial databases and industry knowledge. There will in the circumstances of using data not officially issued by companies, be some inaccuracies, non-the less we consider the report to be the most accurate available.

In order to assist in the process of improving the quality of future issues of the report, and for the benefit of the industry, we should be grateful to receive details of any errors you find in this, or future reports, especially concerning your own company and the names of any companies you believe should be included. This can be sent to John Sacks, Chairman of the Economic Committee at economic@femb.org

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