FEMB now also represented in Poland


Third new member within one year

On occasion of the spring meeting in May 2013 in London the board of the Fédération Européenne du Mobilier de Bureau (FEMB) approved the joining of the Nowy Styl Group as representative of the polish office furniture industry. The company is already the third new member that Henning Figge, current president of the head organization of the European office furniture industry, welcomed within one year. In the fourth quarter of 2012 the national associations of Sweden and Austria joined the circle of the FEMB members.

“For the European office furniture manufacturers it is important to maintain the professional exchange over national boundaries, annotated Figge the new member of the European office furniture association. “Therefore we started to jointly work on important transversal projects under the italian presidency in 2010“. The associations and companies which join their forces in the head organization of the European office furniture industry are currently working on a Sustainability standard for office furniture. Furthermore a list of joint activities has been set up to intensify public relations and compile statistics of the European industry.

Recently the FEMB published a table of the 100 largest office furniture manufacturers in Europe under the association’s website www.femb.org. Nowy Styl Group is ranked fourth there. Founded 1992 in the polish town Krosno the company now unites six brands and 14 subsidiaries together under one roof. The Group offers seating and furniture for offices, conferences and training rooms, as well as for sports arenas.

As individual company instead of a national association, Nowy Styl Group was only able to become a member of the FEMB due to the amendment of the Statutes resolved by the head organizations of the European office furniture industry in October 2012. Now office furniture manufacturers who are based in countries that do not have their own association or whose organization only operate on a national level can become a member of the FEMB directly. Therein they can set up joint representation of interests with other companies from their home country.

List of FEMB Country Members

List of FEMB National Companies

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