Q: What is the meaning of FEMB?
A: Fédération Européenne de Mobilier du Bureau. This was established in France in 1972 on formation and the French description remained until 2015 when an English translation was introduced as The European Office Furniture Federation.


Q: Who are the members of FEMB?  A: National Office Furniture Associations of European countries or companies where no Association exists.


Q: Who is on the Board of FEMB?
A: The Presidents of the National Office Furniture Associations.


Q: How can I join?
A: If you are member of one of the FEMB member associations you are automatically a member. If not please turn to info@femb.org for further assistance.


Q: How can I join the FEMB meetings?  By invitation at the General Assembly, from your National Office Furniture Association. Meetings of the technical committee are public to all member companies. Public meeting dates and venues are published on the website.


Q: Can I join the Board meeting? A: Unfortunately not, the Board meeting is reserved to the Presidents of the relative National Office Furniture Associations.


Q: How is the FEMB President nominated?
A: Every two years the FEMB Presidency is rotating between the European countries that are members.  When the Board has reached a consensus on which   country has the Presidency, its National Association will be nominating the President (or exceptionally another member of its Board) as FEMB Chairman.


Q: How often is FEMB having an Assembly?
A: Once a year. Or every two years.


Q: Where does the Assembly take place?
A: FEMB Board will decide the location respecting the rotation between countries.


Q: Does FEMB have a permanent address?
A: From March 2016 the FEMB has a permanent Administration address at which the Secretary General is in place.


Q: Where can I find information about product norms and standards?
A: In the ETC section of this website (Standards).


Q:Where can I find information about market data?
A: In the EEC section of this website (Statistics).


Q: How can I get in contact with FEMB?  A: Write an email to info@femb.org or the the Secretary General secretary@femb.org