The FEMB have issued a report of the production and sales of Office furniture in the EU for 2016. This report is a comprehensive detail of 27 countries and includes production, imports and exports, with further detail on product sectors of Seating, Wooden Products and Metal Products.


The data shows that only small changes have occurred since the 2015 report but generally there has been an increase in production of 3.5% for all manufactured products, a 5.3% increase in imports and a 2.6% increase for exports.

The most significant change is a 8.8% increase in the production of wood based products for the office. Both seating and Metal based products show a decline of just less than 3%. The 10 FEMB member countries represent 84% of the furniture produced in the EU.

This report is available to FEMB country members and their membership without charge. It is also available to members of the FEMB Economic and Marketing subscription scheme which includes the Top 100 European manufacturers report. The subscription runs for a full 12 months and costs UK£300.

To enquire about this please contact Colin Watson, Secretary General,


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