European Top 100 Companies 2017

The FEMB Top 100 Companies report has been updated with the latest information. It shows very few changes in the top 10 companies but Sedus are in 7th position  with sales up to €172m,  they replace Vitra who are now in 8th. USM remain in 5th position but sales have slipped from €196m to €186m. K+N sales have increased to €161m.


Both reports are available to FEMB members only by request and providing your full business details including contact details and e-mailing your request to with Top 100 in the subject line.

For a non member it is possible to apply for a Top 100 Subscription which will automatically provide the updates four times a year. Charges will apply. Please contact for more information. Please note that providing the reports to non members of the Federation will be at the discretion of the FEMB board.






This report has been produced for the European Office Furniture trade association, FEMB by JSA Consultancy, London and has been derived from a number of sources including, where available, officially filed financial statements, commercial databases and industry knowledge. There will be errors and omissions in the report (although fewer than previously) due partly to a shortage of quality, up to date information caused by differences across Europe in the reporting requirements for companies. The responsibility for any errors is by JSA not that of FEMB.

In order to assist in the process of improving the quality of future issues of the report for the benefit of the industry, we should be grateful to receive details of any errors you find in this, or future reports, especially concerning your own company and the names of any companies you believe should be included. Please send details to

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