Established in 1972 the FEMB is the European Federation and central point of communication for office furniture associations and manufacturers.

  • We serve the interests of European manufacturing industry. We represent, defend and promote the interest of our national members and forward our views when it comes to establishing European guidelines.
  • We are the voice of the European office furniture.
  • We are a forum where members can exchange best-practices, start initiatives, where debate is taking place and where people can connect.
  • We are a forum where externals can find knowledge regarding the future of work and information about how a good and human office furnishing shall look like.

As the office furniture market has become increasingly international in the last decades, a consolidation of views on a European level and exchange with other international organizations is essential. The FEMB ensures that the interests of the European office furniture industry will be protected and members represented when required. 



Economic Data and Statistics

The FEMB European Economic Committee collects data from Eurostat on sales within the EU. This is “best available data” and reports on relevant product sectors, consumption, import and export.

A table of the top 100 European Companies is produced on a quarterly basis to chart sales trends.


The European Technical Committee meets regularly as a cross-country team of experts to review European norms and standards and monitors proposed changes in regulation.

The committee supports the dissemination of knowledge and discussion on issues of importance by providing presentations delivered by professionals invited to meetings.


Established in 2013 the Marketing Committee prepares the communications strategy and disseminates the information on FEMB activities. It also takes a proactive approach to find opportunities to promote the European Office Furniture industry.


Opportunities for country associations and their members to meet take place not only at committee meetings but at exhibitions and a General Assembly held each year. The Assembly visits different countries and is also a forum to discuss and agree FEMB matters.