500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vicnis death

A universal genius is celebrated. This year marks the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vicnis death. And the city of Milan is going to celebrate the renaissance genius. And rightly so. In Milan, Leonardo created one of the most famous paintings in the world (“Last supper”) and found in the powerful local ruler Ludovico Sforza a great patron. That is the reason why the trade fair (9th-14th April 2019) celebrates innovation, the ability to think and to act in order to find new solutions and designs that facilitate life of men and whole societies. To discover the spirit of innovation it is not only the trade fair as such (organized by FEMB member Federlegno) with over 2000 companies exposing their furniture solutions which is worth visiting but also the city of Milan where expositions like “Aqua” can be found and which pay tribute to the innovative genius of Leonardo da Vinci. So this year again, it is all about design in Milan. It is very much worth going there.

All information can be found under: https://www.salonemilano.it/

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